Sunday, October 5, 2014

Meskel Morning and Burning Torches

In Addis Ababa, the Meskel bonfires are lit the night of Meskel. Last year we went to a huge neighborhood party. 

IMG 3719

However, in the countryside, the bonfires were lit in the early morning and Jon took the girls out to enjoy. Our guards had built a bonfire for our family. 

Being the great daddy that he is, Jon  woke the girls up and had a daddy-daughter-date while I slept. It was glorious.

When they came back in a few hours later, Jon casually mentioned, "A ran into J and made a hole in her coat.” In jest, I responded, “What was she running with, a knife?” Jon answered,  “No, it was a burning torch."

IMG 3734

And this is why the girls have more fun with daddy. 

It also reminded me of the time that Jon took pictures while Little A took a bite out of earthworm.

IMG 3738

Do you see any potential problems with this picture? If yes, you are probably a mama. 

IMG 3742

And after seeing these pictures, I did do a little stop-drop-and-roll training.

IMG 3766

After the fire, they did one of The Littles’ favorite things, hiking. Between the sun coming up and the Meskel smoke filling the area, it was amazing.

IMG 3790

IMG 3794

The far off mountain has been nicknamed, “flat top”. It was volcanic.

IMG 3818

IMG 3825

The Littles asked Jon, “What do people in the USA do on Meskel?” Jon said, “Nothing, it’s just a normal day.” They both got huge smiles and Little J said, “It is a good thing we live in Ethiopia." 


sarah.flyingkites said...

J's comment at the end...too sweet!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I am still giggling! These kind of situations make it so obvious that children need both a mama and a daddy! And I'm with Sarah...Little J's comment is priceless.

Kim Plattner said...

Love this! So glad to see the way God is working in and through your family!

Justin & Sarah said...

Hilarious! Doesn't surprise me in the least! I love little J's comment! Yes, little J! There are so many reasons why it is a good thing that you and your family are in Ethiopia!! :)

Amber Steffen said...

So I'm just playing catch up on the blog from several posts ago, and wanted to say keep up the great effort of posting! I love feeling connected and like I can understand tidbits of everyday life for you there! Praying for you guys - and so thankful for how powerfully God is working in your personal lives - and I'm sure many lives around you. Praying for a powerfully moving week ahead.

Kristen Hoerr said...

Love each and every one of you and the roles you play in this fun family! It's a good thing that your girls have both of you as parents to make living in Ethiopia safe(ish) AND fun.