Tuesday, August 25, 2015

California Here We Come

 (Written on Friday morning) Sitting in a quiet, small airport, before the rush of the day flights, we’re reminded why we love small airports, quick lines and free wifi.

This is our big hurrah out west, California, Arizona and Mexico.

Some days, we imagine what it would look like to bring our two lives together and it has our whole family laughing. Looking at pictures has been a very grounding thing for us as we remember both worlds and we realize just like we miss our USA tribe, we miss people and places in Ethiopia.


Early morning on the mountain overlooking our house.

(Photo credit Darren

IMG 9497

Neighbors in a nearby town

IMG 9517

English classes during 5 F’s coffee time.

IMG 9518

More during English 

IMG 5564

Hanging out with the “pasture kids” 
IMG 9940
Missing our teammates, Mark and Debbie
IMG 9949
Talk to you again from the Southwest. :)

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