Thursday, August 20, 2015


 After 1.5 days at home base, we have our bags packed (almost) and are ready (not quite) to hit the air and road to visit people we love in Arizona, California and Mexico. 

I feel so behind on sharing memories because summertime in the midwest is incredible, especially when surrounded with the family and friends that we have. 

IMG 2993

Getting pulled around the yard with Aunt Pat

IMG 3006

Hanging with cousins while playing with Uncle Dan and Aunt Debbie’s puppies.

IMG 3021

There aren’t too many things cuter than a room full of kids and puppies!

IMG 3020


IMG 3033Or than day old calves

IMG 3046

A played it cool hanging out in the Gator

IMG 3051

Pie making

IMG 3056

And then the pony rides with Grandpa and Grandma. My memories of the farm with my grandparents and family delighted The Littles.

IMG 3071

Pony cart 

IMG 3100

Never mind our wind blown hair. :) 

IMG 3131

IMG 3079

 Each family has its own culture and this side of my family is a storying culture, where life, discipleship, love and lots of laughter are gifted through stories.

Before I was born, my dad died. This could have been the end of the story with this amazing family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Because of God’s grace and love in the hearts of all involved, including my adoptive father, that event is part of my story that makes us so much richer.  

When life happens, the good and the bad, I think about as an addition to our individual stories. The plot twist, joy and the ache make it real and messy but God, the author, delights in making things beautiful.  We love and are loved by beautiful, broken and redeemed people.



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