Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When McDonalds Went Down

McDonalds drive-thru line wrapped around the building. Because we were rushing to get somewhere, we made a decision that I should run in so we didn’t have to wait. Upon entering, the tables were empty but the order area was packed. The computers had gone down and all orders were being handwritten, added with a calculator and paid for in cash. Phones weren’t in peoples’ hands because when we entered, there was no expectation that we would be waiting. 

A fast food line is usually the last place were good conversation springs up, but in that moment, with everyone surprised and marveling about this handwritten system, people started talking. Striking up conversation, soon, a small group of comrades was born, chatting about life experiences, even getting to religion. When my order was filled, I knew our order was for take-out, but feel I could have sat down and eaten a meal with any of the people with whom I had waited. Maybe that’s a sign of oversharing and forging relationships too quickly and assuming friendship weirdly fast. Or maybe, that is just what happens when humans come together, without devices, without a rushed schedule and decide to enjoy who God has put in front of them. 

I miss the greetings of the Awi and the smiles and conversation in a highly relational culture, even to strangers. We’ve repeatedly heard friends this summer vocalize their frustration of the busyness of family schedule and American life. There are so many wonderful things to be involved with here, we can rush from one event to the next and have zero margin for the unexpected.

When I came back to the van 20 minutes later, Jon smiled and said, “Wow, that took awhile.” I laughed and responded, “It is the most amazing McDonalds ever. Everyone just had time.” 


A few unrelated shots…

IMG 2126

HURRAY! Grandpa is done with chemo!

IMG 2076

Right before we got a trim. Umm, two very unhappy girls this morning. If you see them, please make no comments on how “puffy” it is. 

IMG 2152

So much fun to be with cousins!

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sarah.flyingkites said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your McDonald's story for so many reasons. Wow.