Monday, December 7, 2015

"A Trip of a Lifetime"

In the planning stages, we knew it would be a lot to get back to Ethiopia after our four month assignment in the USA and then host guests a week later.

We also knew it would be too valuable to have these visitors to say “no”. 

IMG 4602

I am blogging about this a few months late but our hearts are 100% grateful for the encouragement and understanding that Jeff, Margo, Tim and Kari brought with them. And in spite of having a whirlwind trip spending a few days in Zambia, Ethiopia and Italy and tremendous jet lag, they were up for anything and I think stretched in new ways. :)

I noticed that Jeff’s hashtag for the trip was “#atripofalifetime” and I would have to say they will probably never pack in as many places in as few days as they did.  You will have to ask them though. :)

Thanks so much for pressing your trip to get to us!  We are honored and thankful.

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