Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Circle of Destiny

I read a fascinating article about how American kids are so far removed from their food source, at an elementary school, many children didn’t know that meat came from animals. We do not face that educational problem here. 

The-Not-So-Littles aren’t the most sentimental about animals, but they can get attached like any other kid to something cute.

We drove through our gate and he stood there, bleating at us. A new goat. He is cute. The girls squealed in delight. There is one reason only why a new goat was staring at us. A holiday feast.

Me: Girls, you do know what is going to happen to the goat, right?

A: Yes, it will get eaten!

IMG 7320  1

(The girls have free reign on their fashion here)

This of course does not stop J from playing with it like her pet. We revisited the sensitive subject at dinner. 

Jon: Girls, so you do know the goat is going to be eaten?

J: Yeah, that’s just the way life goes, it is the Circle of Destiny!”

And Not-So-Little A, my sensitive-nosed little one, can’t wait for the “smelly goat” to meet it’s pot.



Anonymous said...

Did they give their pet goat a name yet? :-)

Kristi said...

The Circle of Destiny! oh, goodness!
I miss those little sweethearts!
(and I agree, it is cute!)