Monday, February 15, 2016

End of Trip Vacation

Okay, last post from my parents’ visit. There’s too many great pictures to stop now. We went to Bahir Dar to spend a few uninterrupted days of quality time.

IMG 1433  1

Airports, those in between Addis and Bahir Dar.

IMG 0119  1

A short boat trip on the Nile

IMG 0099

Maybe the girls’ most fun day of school to date.

IMG 0176  1

Blue Nile Falls, it’s small right now because it’s dry season but still impressive.

IMG 0224

Standing as close as we can in order to cool down.

IMG 0247

Dad experiences his first bajaj ride. He kind of wants one for the farm.

IMG 0265

Jon’s camera on his phone doesn’t work well, but his back camera does, so he is mastering selfie shots. 

IMG 0238

Early morning boat trip into the bright sunshine, looking for hippos and visiting a monastery on an island. The original structure is over 900 years old.

IMG 0258

Getting closer

IMG 0249

A hippo water spotting

IMG 0291

Can you see the hippos here? I think I count nine though they blend in with the rocks. (you can see their spines)

IMG 0286

A fisherman in Lake Tana shows us his catch and also how he has fish ready and scaled in the boat.

We are so glad Bahir Dar is only a few hours from our house, one of our favorite spots in Ethiopia. 


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Teresa said...

The picture of you and the girls by the falls trying to cool off looks like if you took one step back you'd be a part of the falls.