Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Abundance is the best word I can use to describe the time with my parents. I am not referring to stuff that they brought (although they literally only brought a few outfits for themselves and packed the rest with goodies-picture dad’s carryon stuffed with a few shirts and underwear, a six pound block of cheddar, string cheese, leman’s mints and granola bars).

Our community has warmly welcomed them as well and our time in Injibara was full of hut visits and rounds of coffee. 

I didn’t do a great job of documenting through pictures as I don’t often take out our big camera and our phone cameras don’t work well in dark houses.  We are in Bahir Dar now for a few days before we say goodbye to our parents and take them to the airport. Every family member who has come to visit seems to make us more human to the area we are in, less like alien beings who beamed in from some other planet, more like flesh and blood.

Photos from a few hikes…

IMG 0026

IMG 0037

J and A with a little friend (who is at least 8, maybe 9).

IMG 0051

The girls’ friends went on a hike with us, so special they could meet the other set of grandparents.

IMG 0061

Strong girls. It doesn’t make my feat of carrying my dad on my back so impressive. :)

IMG 0062

Hiking through other houses, yelling for permission to pass at the gate as we blazed some new trails on accident.

IMG 0075

Mom had a little attached friend, Yenewerk.

IMG 7866

Two of the homes we visited required us to cross this hazardous bridge to everyone’s delight but Mama (and maybe Nana).

IMG 7858

Showing Nana and Papa how to roast, grind and boil coffee. Which they saw on at least a daily basis.

IMG 7853

So happy to show their bamboo house.

IMG 9945

Playing Doctor and nurse with a willing patient

IMG 9951

Working together in the kitchen

IMG 9956

Mom did a week’s worth of school for the girls, which was a win for everyone, especially ME! Dad did other needed jobs around the house when Jon didn’t have him busy running around the countryside. 

IMG 9969

One of the only homes we take pictures in because they are so used to us and our foreign ways of picture taking. :)

IMG 9971

Meal time with Yeshua’s family.

IMG 9991

Walking across the pasture…

IMG 9973  1

Friends and Prayer Warriors, you are so dear to us.  We are unbelievably humbled by they way you remember us and the Awi people in prayer. Thank you for praying for our time with visitors, they have been answered and we see God doing so many things here.  Please continue to pray with us for the hearts of the Awi. 

Now the goodbye is on the horizon, they always make my stomach hurt and my eyes a little watery but each goodbye is especially hard for the girls. 


Teresa said...

Such great experiences and memory making!

Nichole said...

I LOVE that your parents were able to be with you, and that you were able to experience so much together! Loved all the pictures, thanks for the update!

sarah.flyingkites said...

I am beyond happy for you and them. What a special time.

Also, loved what you said about how visitors make you seem more like 'flesh and blood" to the people. I love that -- so insightful.

Anonymous said...

So thankful your worlds could come together in such a tangible and blessed way. Blessings on your parents and your family as you part again for a season. (And I confess seeing your kitchen that I was a bit envious and wondering how you got such a stove there?!) Stephany

Kara said...

It is so neat to see the pictures of you all together in your end of the world. Prayers for you as you again walk thru the pain of goodbyes. Although this pain is familiar, not sure it makes it much easier... It seems to reveal a longing for Home that this world just really cant satisfy. Praise God for eternity where there will be no more tears!! Holding you up!

sandra said...

This was precious. I loved reading how your parents packed goodies for you all rather than an abundance of clothes. So blessed by the love of parents!! And the week of school your mother did...although I don't know her she sure has a heart of gold and the family kitchen time melted my heart!! You have such amazing parents!! May these goodbyes not be to hard on you. Your girls are beyond beautiful!! Think of you often!!