Friday, February 19, 2016

Prayed For and Loved

I’ve had stages in life where God seems to remain silent to my pleas that He provide me with real friendships. Other times, life seems abundant in authentic and beautiful friendships. 

Moving to rural Ethiopia, I worried I would be lonely, wondered how I would ever make friends. God has provided through many amazing women. 

Yeshi and I met through a friend of a friend and I am unbelievably thankful God brought the miracle of friendship into my life. 

DSC 0600 copy

Thank you to all who contributed to a baby-shower-in-a-box. Yeshi was overcome with emotion and joy. Everyone in the room was. The body of Christ extended so beautifully to love someone so generously only few of you have met. 

On Wednesday, God blessed Desalgn and Yeshi with a beautiful baby boy.

IMG 7937

(This picture is a baby doll, we are still a bit afraid the baby may break. :))

IMG 7935

He couldn’t be more perfect and we cried with joy and relief as to his safe delivery and I realized as she spent the long day in labor, we couldn’t focus on anything else, it was like a new nephew was coming.

IMG 7936

A perfect little one, designed by God.

Sweet baby, you have been prayed for and you are loved.

Cultural side note: In our area, it is common to keep the baby hidden and away from eyes and cameras until they are older and there are different religious ceremonies.  Also, children are usually named later. He does have a name and it is perfect but for respect of cultural practice, I won’t write it in a public space yet. :) 


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love this post, Amy!! And that first picture of the two of you is gorgeous!