Thursday, July 21, 2016


Thanks to those of you who have prayed for Challie, a boy I wrote about on Instagram. The day before we left Injibara, his father carried him to our house. When we hiked to visit him, moving at a good pace, it was an hour. I can only imagine it was several with his son in his arms. Challie’s parents love him relentlessly. 

Challie still has not gained use of his leg and though there has been marked improvement, I was disappointed to not have seen more use of the leg and it is still infected with very swollen knee and thigh. As I am so inexperienced, I think I have impossible expectations on the length of the healing process. 

IMG 3167

Will you keep praying for Challie’s healing? He is a boy who has grabbed our hearts. 

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Kristen Hoerr said...

Thank you for the update and way to pray!