Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jeff's Wedding!

When I heard Jeff was engaged, I was surprised, the youngest in the family.  I remember when Jeff was born, I was in 7th grade and I ran into my classroom to announce his arrival, so proud of my little brother.  I still am. I have loved watching him grow in grace. 

IMG 2286

The nieces, waiting for pictures

IMG 2294

Dad, Jeff and Mom

IMG 2335

Aren’t they so cute?

IMG 2297

The brothers and brother-in-laws

IMG 2312

All the sisters/sister-in-laws with Jeff

IMG 2318

Sweet little one, so fun to catch up with our little niece

IMG 2322

The five originals


We are so thankful we have been able to celebrate with Jeff and Anna!

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smw said...

I love your dress!