Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June, Where Have You Gone?

Today I write under gloomy skies, under a pile of blankets, I think the melancholy weather may leak through into my mood. :) The month of June has passed in a rush of neighbors, guests, meetings and sickness.  There have been infrastructure changes on our project and we prayerfully move forward. It seems I have spent a disproportional amount of time looking at my ceiling as I’ve had a few rounds of bugs.  The rains are heavy and nights are cold so many neighbors have been sick as well. 

A few chances at listening to medical concerns and helping others get to a hospital has been rewarding but also makes me ache. Often when we see someone sick, it is at a much later point than we would react to in the USA so it’s a bit alarming and urgent.

When we are asked for medical help, I realize I can’t yet do it without suffering with that person, taking it on, crying out to God for healing. I don’t know if this is an area where I can learn mentally healthy separation or if my aching will always be my human response to others in pain.

Following trusted men down a trail to a new region to visit a sick child.

IMG 8807

I wrote on instagram that I felt like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman but without the skill, knowledge or life-saving capabilities.

IMG 8808

Challie, so sweet and joyful despite a terrible sickness that had claimed the use of his leg. His parents had been washing and caring for his leg, oozing pus and blood but it was far beyond what washing could fix.  They had been advised that as he had loss use of his legs, he needs to get used to walking with a crutch, this is what life would be forever. 

IMG 8781

We were served boiled potatoes and coffee that was roasted and ground in the main room. Everyone peels their own potatoes (not cultural to eat skins). We laugh and chat before getting to the purpose of the visit because life here is wholly relational.

IMG 8792

The grandmother in the house showed a picture of her father who had fought with the Italians.

IMG 8790

The picture, he looking so regal in his military uniform.

IMG 8796

Charlie’s sisters, so gracious and welcoming. The older sister did the whole coffee process over the fire.

IMG 8804

This little one has probably never been to the main road, eyes bright and full of life, excited to start school in two years..

The father carried Challie to the main road and through God and your generous support, he went to Bahir Dar for medical treatment. They saw knowledgable doctors and he will regain use of his leg as his bone infection clears up and he does some therapy, praise God.

IMG 8821

God’s brought many friends along for the girls in this season of life.  It is so amazing when we get visitors here (these are Swiss girls, family stationed in Addis Ababa) as we have time for our shyness to melt away and deep bonds to form.

IMG 8813

The girls hike along with their babies.

IMG 8764

They also love Christian, a frequent visitor to our house. :)

And now, here we are, coming to the USA in two weeks. 

IMG 8831

Our rainy fourth of July cookout, complete with teammates, friends passing through, coffee, burgers and smores.

As always, we think about our trip to America with great excitement and thankfulness. We also have some nerves.  The girls have begun asking if we can stay at Grandma’s house, the one that’s been the most home base of any in the US since they were two.  They say they can’t believe Grandma has died and wish they could sit and play piano with her.  When we are gone, life rightfully moves on and it feels we are in a parallel universe, where time travels differently and we should be able to go back to just how things were. 

Another brother is getting married and we are overjoyed. I’ve also identified it makes me panic a bit, to have my family change so much while we are away and not know the shape the reforming takes. 

IMG 8748

This coming year is full of unknowns, mostly tied to family growth, location, timing, if we are chosen, an unknown amount of times we fly across continents, unknown amount of time we spend in the US to finalize and adoption and start a visa process.  It’s thrilling, stretching and unnerving.

Thank you for all your prayers! 


sarah.flyingkites said...

beautiful pictures - thankful you continue to keep us in the loop of your life.

MJgerst said...

Thanks for the update! Many prayers sent your way! We love you and can't to spend a little time with you!

Shari Fiechter said...

Wonderful post with great pictures. Time is flying by quickly here as well and we are so excited to be seeing you all shortly!