Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16th

August 16th is the day our return flight to Ethiopia was scheduled. We are not on that flight and I am not sad to not be sleeping on a plane tonight. :)

Baby Tiger has blessed our lives in so many ways. He is two weeks old today.  Because of his sudden arrival in our family, we will be staying in the US a few months longer than expected.  We are lining up his passport and other documents necessary for his visa.

We don’t have a plan set in stone at this point, but, amazingly enough, the girls’ 1st grade curriculum is mainly in Indiana (math is in Ethiopia).  The girls and I will start homeschool this week. Jon is in Grand Rapids for a training but he has loads of plans and jobs planned. So, while I love having a firmly defined plan for my life, we move forward in faith and praying we have wisdom and clarity for all future steps. We are currently living with my parents but have a gracious offer to stay in an apartment set up for overseas workers.  

A benefit for the extra time is that we have time for dentists, doctor, eye doctor appointments.  This morning, I took the three kids to the dentist, A was the only one with an appointment slot and she had 6 cavities! Not the best start for our appointment spree. 

Now, I know you came for pictures of Tiger. I don’t have any new ones on this computer, but my oh my. He is amazing. He is perfect and daily becoming more alert.  He is also on the nocturnal side, which leads to some exhaustion, but I can’t complain, Jon is immensely helpful in the nights.  While he was gone during training, even Nana took a night shift!   We continue to thank God for this miracle and ask you to continue to pray for his birthmother, a woman very dear to our hearts who is walking deep roads of grief. 


Next post will have pictures!  :) 

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