Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Hey All!

Tiger is a little angel baby, he still does all the newborn stuff, like not sleep during the nights, but he is incredibly sweet and our whole family dearly loves him! Tiger is Jon and I’s first newborn as J & A came to us at 5 months of age.  It is definitely a different game but a sweet one and it’s amazing to see how quickly his little body and mind changes.  About a week ago, he started making a new sound, and it just means, “Hey, I’m over here! Someone better come talk to me!” 

He is four weeks old today. 

He has huge, gorgeous, dark brown eyes and he loves to study faces. 

Babies point to God, the amazing creator. 

Some photos we took while trying to get a passport photo. He is very expressive and I know not smiling on purpose yet, but I pretend they are meant for us. 

IMG 2692

IMG 2716

“Mama, can you leave my alone? I didn’t sleep all night.”

IMG 2740

Ah! He’s cute!  None of these pictures worked though so we had a second session. 

In case the blog is your only connect with us, we also have some other news…

With surprise and joy we announce…

IMG 2689

Yep, we are pregnant. Heeehee.  I know, life is such a ride and God makes sure we are never bored.  So glad His thoughts are so high above ours! The boys (We don’t know the gender of the baby in utero, I just think it makes sense to have a boy, so I am referring to “him”), will be about 7 months apart, another set of twins, Irish twins!  :)

I am temporarily referring to this child as “French Fry” because for about 5 weeks, that is all that sounded good to me to eat!  I am over 15 weeks and feeling a lot better, back to fruits and veggies. :) 

We are once again in a spot of being needy. It seems like we live here, dependent on others. We returned to the US for one month and it’s turning into a whole lot longer.  (Lordwilling, we will deliver French Fry in the US, we are tentatively hoping to return to ET between Tiger’s passport and delivery). We returned with a two suitcases. Your generosity, love, celebration with and prayers for our family can never be thanked enough while on this earth! I am praying treasures in heaven for all of you dear people!

There are further details unfolding in our future we will send out soon in a newsletter. I know, how much more news can we handle? If you aren’t on the list and want to be, let me know. amy.gerst@sim.org


Krystal said...

Congratulations on your growing family!!

Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Klint & Sarah said...

Love this :)

Tiger is such a cutie!


K said...

Congratulations! Tiger and the girls are so beautiful and I'm sure French Fry will be as well! Looking forward to updates!

leah said...

i can NOT handle how cute he is! i just want to SQUEEZE him! Enjoy :)

Jenny said...