Friday, August 5, 2016

Our Son

On Tuesday morning, August 2nd,  Jon and I were sleepy-eyed as my dad dropped us off at the airport for the first available non-stop flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. 

When we landed on US soil, just two weeks before (July 19th), we had heard of a birthmother looking for a family and they asked if we wanted to be presented.  We met her over Skype on Thursday (the 21st) and then heard five days later, one week after we had been in the US, in God’s lavish outpouring, this dear birthmother had chosen our crew to be a family for her precious baby, due any day. 

Jeff’s July 31st wedding was beautiful and we were so glad to be a part. On August 1st, we received a phone call in the evening, asking if we could get to Utah, as soon as possible. 

As the plane flew further from Indiana and closer to Utah, I had time to sit and reflect on the many ways God has been moving. When we were in Ethiopia, I was feeling so fear-filled about this adoption, it’s obstacles seemed too many, the paperwork too hard to do without reliable internet, the likelihood of being chosen by a birthmother too low. I told Jon, “I feel like to adopt, you have to fight the universe”. As we talked with friends, I realized I was hoping for a process as clear as the process God had given us with the girls. A burning bush of sorts that made it unmistakably clear this was the step God wanted us to take. 

I told these friends I was willing to step in any direction but felt like I needed to see so clearly this was what God wanted in our family. They encouraged me to move forward in faith, Moses only had a burning bush one time and he moved forward the rest of his life remembering that. 

As the plane neared Utah, I was overcome at God’s over-the-top goodness towards me, a woman with quivering faith, knowing that, even if the adoption didn’t go through and the birthmother changed her mind, without a doubt, this is the direction God wanted us to step. 


And there have been a million and 10 ways in between we have seen God pour out abundance, so many of you are praying and we are humbled at His hearing and answering. 

As I write, there is a perfect, seven-pound baby boy, swaddled like a burrito on the hotel bed beside me.  

We have been given a son, wanted by us, chosen by God. 

Meet Tiger (NOT HIS REAL NAME-we are trying to keep his name off of the world wide web. Call me a conspirator). For blog purposes, he is Tiger. ;)

IMG 2476

Right now, all he does is sleep, eat a bit and then sleep some more. 

IMG 2516

IMG 2543

We are overjoyed and can’t wait for you to meet him.  

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support. 



Julie said...

This. Makes. My. Day. Congratulations!

Julie said...

This. Makes. My. Day. Congratulations!

emilykate said...

So amazing and wonderful! Congratulations! This gives me chills of how our God can work! He. Is. Beautiful.

Burkina Team said...

He is perfect.

And "move forward in faith, Moses only had a burning bush one time and he moved forward the rest of his life remembering that" rocked my world. That is just what I needed to hear!

smw said...

Reading this timeline in black in white is just amazing. AMAZING. God is incredible.

I love his perfect lips. ❤️😍❤️

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you and your new son. Prayers will continue for your whole family!!
Bruce and Lisa

sarah.flyingkites said...

I just love this :)

april said...


Ketu Thesia said...

Reading this just brought tears to my eyes Amy. You deserve all the happiness and joy happening in your life right now because you are wonderful people in and out. And your baby boy Tiger is so blessed to have you as a family. Would you adopt me too (just kidding).

P.S. I am so sure I will get addicted to this blog very quickly!!!


china steph said...

Jon & Amy, Congratulations on your new son!!!!! PTL! I stand in awe of how God works, and the timing of it all. He has your back, as you step out in faith again today, and tomorrow. Praying for his birth Mom, too. How are the girls doing with the idea and reality of a new little brother? When do you head back to Ethiopia, or are you on a furlough? Blessings! You are loved and prayed for, whether I am in CA or China.