Friday, June 23, 2017

Back To The Horn of Africa

The line up of totes is almost complete. Each one can weigh up to 50 pounds and I’ve weighed, added, rearranged to get it there. Babies require so much stuff! How do we pack for two years when just going to the zoo for the day takes three bags? ;) From cloth diapers to portable cribs, homeschool books and dried fruit, it’s as ready as it is going to be. As I’ve packed, I had so many things to tell you but once again, life takes more energy than I have. As I am running around like a crazy person this morning, finishing up all the sorting, packing, giving and storing, I know the most important thing I can do is pray and ask you for prayer. (I’m also deep breathing and eating breakfast while typing ;)) 

And this is the morning. Today we get on the airplane, tonight will be spent over the ocean. God has been so gracious in leading us through these past 11 months. He has been the peace through all my anxiety, hormones and sleepless nights. He is steady throughout each move and mini-transition we’ve had. 

We have three flights, 1 hour, 14 hour, 4 hour. 

Besides safe and uneventful travel, here are a few travel-specific prayer request:

Gracious People: When we check in, it is a zoo and a really kind and understanding person helps the process. The kind of people who don’t balk if a suitcase is 50.4 pounds. 

Bumped: Our family attracts lots of stares, in the USA, where we transit in the Middle East and upon arrival in Ethiopia. Please pray when we are “bumped” and exhausted, what spills out of us is Christ, to each other and all who are in contact with us (even though I want to remind people it is rude to stare). 

Stroller: The double stroller we have was supposed to be able to take through airports. Again, the guidelines have changed and now it is destined to be checked upon arrival. We are praying we are allowed to keep it. Two babies in a stroller they can sleep in is much preferred to wearing them.

Bassinets: Speaking of two babies. On international flights, there is something called “bulkhead seating” and there is a small bassinet that can be clipped across the front of two seats if seated in this row. Since there are 7 of us flying (5 ticketed passengers, two lap infants), we have requested this seating, obviously a very sought after row. It would make the flights so much easier. 

Arrival and Luggage: When we arrive, it is at our bedtime for our second night of travel (having skipped one night of sleep already. We then wait in immigration lines, then wait at the baggage claim. Sometimes, with babies, people are escorted to the front of the line. Join us in praying our luggage arrives and we can sail by customs and everything would arrive with us intact. 

Feeding Babies: God has allowed me the privilege of breastfeeding/pumping for both babies. It is harder to do when I am stressed and/or tired. I would really like to keep them both on breastmilk as they both seem to struggle with dairy and I don’t want to try and find a formula in Ethiopia. 

IMG 8363

Yummi Bunni for a pre-Ethiopia treat

IMG 9636

Meet Raquel, the dear who has blessed us by agreeing to come along for 3.5 weeks. She will help to juggle babies, jet-lag and luggage.

JonAmy 62

We love you all. 

Thank you all for the prayers and giving us the privilege of serving overseas. 


leah said...

thank you so much for sharing such specific requests. praying for you all right now. love you!

T and M said...

Glad for the specifics, we will pray. That pic of the girls at Yummi Bunnis and their toothless smiles is so adorable!!! Love to all. M

sarah.flyingkites said...

Oh Amy!!! This is intense! Praying and thanks for sharing!!

smw said...

I love having these very specific prayer requests. Thanks!