Thursday, June 8, 2017

Packing And Sorting And Babies, Oh My!

The girls are loving VBS this week. They’re asking where we will be next year at this time as they’re eyeing the 2nd grade craft and hoping they can do it, in a year. We’ve got some planners on our hands. 

Yesterday our family drove hours to a Global Enrollment Center appointment. We were only 5 minutes late (having used every minute of our 1.25 hour buffer I had planned in) and we were distracted and got stuck in a land between the US and Canada with no way to leave for 1.5 hours. Thankfully, the employees at the center were kind and had pity on our late state and six missed appointments and still got us in. I felt really organized (completely sarcastic here). We were all interviewed, photographed, fingerprinted while they were tired and a bit hungry. It made me laugh as it was only a shadow of things to come with our travel. Travel means changed plans and I was reminded this morning of the words, “remain” and “abide”.

Life has been so full and I haven’t taken the time to let God’s Word pour over me, more I’ve been reading it as a task to check off the giant list of to-dos. When I close my eyes, I see mental piles of sorting, Ethiopia, storage, give-away. My mind is running with stock up items for the next two years and the stress has been taking an effect on the way I’m treating my family, rushing them around, etc. 

This morning, I begged God for an undivided mind while I read John 15 and my heart focused on the only source of strength I have, the Father.  So thankful for God’s new mercies every day. 

Look at these cuties. 

IMG 9113

We had a quick trip and flying within the USA with the four was a soft practice for the international travel that is quickly coming. Every time we go through this airport, I take pictures of the kids sitting on these suitcases. This was the first shot of four kids in the picture. Oh my, melt my heart. 

I do not like asking for help. A friend and I at church were talking about being in “needy” seasons right now and our time to serve others outside of our family will come again. I know this is a busy time for everyone and here I am again, asking for help, but if someone has a little free time and wouldn’t mind something to do, I have a sign up list at this link

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