Friday, June 2, 2017

Go Time

The title should just be a big-eyed, straight-faced emoji. We are three weeks out from departure back to Ethiopia.

I’ve written numerous blog posts in my head in times when my mind is free but my hands are full, as I drive, as I pump, as I nurse, as I wash the dishes, none that have made it to type. I have four really cute reasons why they haven’t.

I don’t want to be silent in this space though, as I recognize how this blog has become a community of love and support for our family. We don’t want to lose that, so here’s to making commitments to more communication. 

Remember 10.5 months ago when we came back from Ethiopia for a wedding? Yeah, me too. It’s turned into a longer than anticipated time, one full of sweetness, babies, transition and some stress. As I have wrestled through the pregnancy hormones and knowledge of the unrest in Ethiopia (It has seemed to calm), I’ve struggled with significant anxiety. More on this another day but God has done great things in moving me through the worst of this but it is still something I am battling every day.  

We are thankful to be returning. The goodbye feels strange, It’s always my least favorite part, I try to ignore it and then it’s there. We’ve left before. It makes it easier in some ways, knowing the beautiful life we return to but also harder, knowing the feeling of the aching hearts and wet eyes all too well. 

Sorting through another box, deciding what to keep, what to store, what we need for the next few years and scratching my head as I just want to be free from stuff, trying to think of ways to not pack anything at all. Ha! I’ve decided in the long run, that would bring me more stress, though I aim to be a minimalist. At this point, I tend to get all business but know we want to say goodbyes well and that our kiddos need memories and stability in the midst of the chaos.

I’ve got so many pictures from the last few weekends as we’ve started to goodbye family. Here’s snagging just a few. 

IMG 9475

We are getting the appointments in, updating shot records, pressing forward.

IMG 3748

I am trying to take deep breaths and allow the kids to make memories.

IMG 9485

I love this picture, its taken at my in-laws, who have an immaculate house, there is so much life and mess in this room as the 14 grands descend upon it and all the adults try to chill and join the moments.

IMG 3737

Cousins who won’t look like this when they see each other again. 

IMG 9498

IMG 4119

We enjoy the time and try to pack it full of sweetness.

IMG 3842

The girls’ buddies for the year, Sho, from Tajikistan and Zahra, from Indonesia, exchange students living with Chad and Christen. They love kids, which has been an amazing amount of fun. This goodbye will be hard for J and A as they won’t be in the USA when we return. 

IMG 4153

IMG 4164

IMG 4222

Pretending it’s summer for one weekend.

IMG 4199

Loving the smiley babies.

IMG 3934We are so thankful God has given us this season in the US.

Thanks for loving and praying us along! Now, if all is quiet for another week, feel free to remind me. 





Shari said...

Great post, as always! We know you have to go and we have treasured our "bonus" time together so much. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Sigh...

sarah.flyingkites said...

This post makes me feel melancholy and I'm not exactly sure why! You have had a crazy 10.5 months! I always appreciate your honest and encouraging way you share your life!