Sunday, July 30, 2017

You Guys! He's Almost One!

We leave tomorrow for the North. Our family is so thankful/happy/sad/nervous/peaceful/uptight. Can you pray with us for safe and smooth travels tomorrow? Best case scenario, we arrive right at sunset (without time to stop for any dinner). Can you pray with us that we have a joyful reunion and also have power to be able to reacclimate, make dinner and settle in? I know we won’t get entirely unpacked for awhile, but we do need to be functional. :) Tomorrow sounds like a challenge. 

Because I don’t know what kind of internet we return to but I am not expecting great, here’s our recent photos. 

IMG 0459

Such a funny picture and not the best but this is A, euphoric that we were served chocolate donuts at the guesthouse. 

IMG 0500

Here are the babes and Eliza, who is unphased at having two babies. Yay! Tiger calls her A-ya. So sweet.

Jon and I had a chance to share at chapel and I think she was glad to see us come back as Miss T isn’t a great sleeper and was overtired and decided to scream the whole time. She had four kids, one screaming. 

IMG 0485

A daddy-daughter date, (while Tiger napped).

IMG 0517

Moving brings out the minimalist in me. I know this doesn’t look like it, Ha! Except for I am stocking up for a family of 6+1 and I vacillate between wanting nothing and wanting to set up a cozy home. Pictured here is our generator and then stuff for our Bahir Dar teammates. Moving isn’t my thing but I am grateful for the continual purging we do as we clean out and pack up. 

IMG 0488

A last hurrah at a burger joint, we think the best ones in Addis Ababa. 

IMG 0519

Packing empty barrels that will be part of an irrigation test at the 5 F’s project.

IMG 4720

And then today, we started celebrating this guy and his upcoming birthday. HOW IS HE ALMOST ONE?! How is it possible he has four teeth and takes a few steps, repeats so many words, uses sign, crawls and cruises everywhere? His favorite food is breastmilk, his favorite game is peek-a-boo and he loves to dance! He can’t stop his body from responding to a beat. He brings us indescribable joy. 

IMG 0536

We met friends after church for lunch somewhere we hoped we could get a cupcake, “Cupcake Delight”. On the way, I prepped the kiddos and myself we may not actually find cupcakes, but we did…and fajitas. :)

IMG 0554

Tiger didn’t quite know what to think about getting to dig into a cupcake. Miss T, on the other hand, wanted the whole thing in her mouth. She hasn’t started solid foods yet but thinks she needs it.

IMG 0558

Once he started, he was very serious and ate as quickly as he could for about 1/3 of it and then started smooshing it in his hands.

IMG 0566

So stinkin’ cute. He was trying to sneakily drop it off his tray. We also noticed that the American cultural tradition of letting a one-year old destroy a cake and eat as much of it as they want and make a giant mess wasn’t super connecting with the culture around us. We apologized and tipped well. :)

IMG 0583

And then he was a sugared-up life of the party. 

IMG 0571

And Miss T just wanted some coffee!

Prayer Points:

-Safe and joyful travel

-A warm welcome (especially for the girls) in Injibara. That we can give and receive. J and A feel so much love and acceptance in the USA and we saw here them go into an old community in Addis where we had a strange interactions. We were later invited back and all was peaceful but we witnessed J and A really feel crushed. 

 -We can all reacclimatize quickly, feel “at home” and have the language and opportunity to express God’s miracles and glory. 

Love To All!



Kristi said...

"We apologized and tipped well." Hilarious.
My heart STILL rejoices at the birth of Tiger, I can't believe he is already eating his first birthday cake!
I am confident in our Father God. He is trustworthy. He goes before you. We'll pray you through.

Jen Kelly said...

Gidday Amy,
I am enjoying reading all about your adventures in life and motherhood - I've been reading past blogs too :-). Thank you for being so honest and real about some of the struggles of living in two worlds with 4 little people along for the ride! It is food for thought and prayer for you all.
Thank you also for welcoming our Eliza into your family for a season! What a privilege and honour for her. We have been praying for you all today for your trip back to your home in Injubura,and will continue to pray daily for you all.
May God bless you all as you live out your faith,
Much love,
Aussie Jen

Teresa said...

I am getting caught up on your blog posts today. I can't believe Tiger will be 1 this week. He sure sounds look he's a "hoot"! Miss T is sooo cute and so happy. Tell J and A I say Hi. Too bad they couldn't help make those cupcakes. They're pretty good at it. :) Praying for you all and for your safety. XOXO

sarah.flyingkites said...

Oh Amy, I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT. No, I DO know...God's grace :) Thanks for letting us share in your journey. Praying for you at this very moment!


Justin Ooms said...

Oh how I miss you all!! Tiger and little T are growing so fast!! Give everyone lots of hugs and kisses from me!
Love, Aunt Sarah