Thursday, October 19, 2017

Master Tree Growers Training

It’s Master TreeGrower (MTG) time again! This is an amazing training spearheaded by an Australian organization called Beyond Subsistence. 

We were able to host and implement our first MTG training two years ago and this training is in a different region, more remote and into the countryside. 

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I’ll go more into the details at a later date but will you pray with us that as we learn much about erosion control, markets, different growing techniques, we can also clearly communicate about the Master and Creator. 

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Coffee Time

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The training involves many field visits and this man, Aba Mulu Neh, is a model farmer. Years ago, he put into practice ideas the 5Fs were teaching on fruit trees and it has brought incredible results for he and his family. He credits one fruit tree for bringing enough profit that it sent all his children to school. 

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Getting to the sites isn’t always easy. 

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But learning from others is always worth the trip. 

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Another model farmer, Aba Atenaf, who has used farming techniques thought by 5Fs to help restore his land in numerous ways.  Mark accredits him to be the father of thousands of native seedlings we have propagated and distributed through the years in the Awi Zone, from seed collected on his property.


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Shari Fiechter said...

This is great! It's so encouraging to see progress in agriculture in ET!