Monday, October 16, 2017

School had just started when this shiny new bajaj pulled in. The bajaj is a three-wheeled vehicle, covered and used for transport in town. I asked if the kids could have a ride in the freshly decorated carriage. I knew Tiger would love it. The babies started out less excited than J and A.



Getanet, the newly-licensed bajaj driver trying to show Tiger how fun it was going to be.


Jon jumped in to hold babies and they took off. (Notice the decorative zip ties on the wind shield wiper and the antenna).


On the first lap around, Tiger’s head popped out, thrilled he could “GO!”.

The girls pronounced it better than a Gator ride as it’s so “fancy”!



smw said...

So cute. :)

Shari Fiechter said...

Love this! Is this "The Gatenet"? I'm thinking it's him. Such a great guy!

Justin Ooms said...

Oh my goodness! The look on Tiger’s face!! <3 Love Auntie Sarah

Jen Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing your Bajaj encounter - love it 🇪🇹💓
And for pointing out the zip tie embellishments - attention to detail!👍😀
We so appreciate you sharing some of your "life moments" so we may understand a little more of your journey and love for the awi people.

T and M said...

Oh my what a fun moment. This is such a worthwhile and unique quick distraction from school!

Teresa said...