Thursday, October 12, 2017

This Season

I see your pictures, starting to celebrate all things Fall and I am just overjoyed our rains are almost done! Our house is still very cold in the mornings and evenings but the sunshine is gorgeous. Our season is sweet and full of people, our little crew and then a slew of neighbors and other people God has sent along to help. This is a picture from a week where Miss Rachel, the SIM homeschool coordinator came and visited us and taught the girls school for a week while Eliza was able to do much out and about in community. 

Whitney is pitching in and fitting in seamlessly, so glad for all the hands and her servant spirit. I don’t have pictures downloaded of recent events, so more to come. 


Jon and Tiger are outnumbered in our house. :)

IMG 2414

These boys (Tiger and a neighbor) are the same age and were making friend and sharing injera. There was a baby calf outside but also one angry puppy, so the kiddos stayed inside. 


I put the babies in this tub one day and pushed them around and entertained two for the price of one. Now “boat” is one of the littles favorite activities. And a side FYI, J and A chose their outfits because they were “spy ninjas”. 

I am so grateful for these four…though my to-do list is never done but it’s the season we are in and I wouldn’t trade it. 


J and M said...

Enjoying these updates. What a sweet crew you have there! Love to you all! Enjoy the baby whispered Whitney! Also.. how's Challe?

Shari Fiechter said...

Such fun pictures! Thanks for this "seasonal" update. We love you!

Justin Ooms said...

Love!!! They are all growing up and changing so fast!