Monday, May 14, 2018

Plowing in Pajamas

When plowing is spied outside our window, it doesn’t matter what was on the schedule or that all the kids are still in their pajamas, it’s plowing time!

DSC 1088

DSC 1053

Zelelam loves to share and teach about Awi culture, so of course, we were all invited to plow.

DSC 1101

Unnecessary to say, but harder than it looks. J takes a circle.

DSC 1084

A was a bit more apprehensive but still made a round.

DSC 1108

Of course, even Miss T held the whip.

DSC 1075

Then came my favorite boy’s turn. He grabbed the whip and the plow without instruction.

DSC 1068

He is intuitive in all things mechanic and this plow was no exception. 


Teresa said...

So cool that you all had a turn at the "plow".

Janel said...

Looks like “Little House on the Prairie” 😊 what. Cool experience!!

Janel said...

Looks like “Little House on the Prairie” 😊 what a neat experience!!