Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Butchered Sheep We Could Not Name

We started chopping our 20 pounds of onions the day before the party. My food processor is broken.

DSC 0813 2

It was the morning of our neighborhood party…complete with sheep butcher. Jon went and bought a huge sheep the morning of the butcher and didn’t let us touch it or name it. We still have one pet sheep. :)

DSC 0820

DSC 0815

The men butcher, the women prepare, chop, stir, clean

DSC 0835

Using an ax and a stick to chop apart bones

DSC 0855

Cutting up the stomach. sometimes eaten raw, always looks like broccoli. 

DSC 0865

Guests start arriving

DSC 0867

Stew is full of spice, onions, oil, chopped pieces of lamp and chunks of bone with meat.

DSC 0874

It’s such a joy watching J and A take more initiative with our neighbors, becoming a bit less shy and wanting to help, here they managed the hand washing station.

DSC 0880

Food served

DSC 0900

About thirty people ate half of a sheep.

DSC 0914

After the food and soda is served, out comes the coffee, which I have hastily boiled, without tasting in the house. It was met with much laughter over how thin it was. “Ha! The foreigners like thin coffee, this is so thin!” 

DSC 0910

I was struggling to find the humor. Excuse me. I have been up to my elbow in raw meat, I will smell like onions as they are deep in my pores for several days, I am wearing whichever baby is grumpier for the whole morning on my back and I’m a bit nauseous from the whole thing.  I grabbed the coffee pots and went for another try. Round 2 was approved and round 3 was labeled, “Just like an Ethiopian”. Coffee here is an art form and not one I have perfected. In all sincerity, I was glad our neighbors were comfortable enough to tease me.

DSC 0915

DSC 0932

The playing starts. Jon offered a reward to anyone who could cross this slack line. 

DSC 0936

DSC 0957

DSC 0971

I love how everything is a game.

DSC 0923

Too much cuteness!

DSC 0965

Yeshi and Imabet helped me do dishes and the babies got involved. Literally. Miss T in the dishwater…

DSC 0969

Tiger in the rinse water. Not super-helpful but super-cute. :)

So glad for our gracious neighbors and so much help with the butcher. 




T and M said...

I am laughing at that picture of your guests laughing over your coffee! So proud of you J and A! Sometimes hosting takes bravery and you girls are doing sogreat!

Teresa said...

It's so fun to see your culture. There's so much joy in these pictures. Miss T is obviously not enjoying herself in the pic of her on your back. She's even cute when she's grumpy. So great that J and A are getting involved. Tiger is hilarious in the rinse water. Love you all!

Shari Fiechter said...

Wow, what a party! I, too, find it very affirming that your neighbors could tease you about your weak coffee. What a great affirmation!

Janel said...

I love that they teased you! And miss T on your back, I’m sure wasn’t sweet at the time, but that little face...I love it!! And J & A look so grown up!