Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Bit Late, But Happy Birthday Bud!

My brother, Jay, is living in Mexico for the semester.  He is having a great time and keeps us updated on his blog, Los Arcos De Vida.

We have been skyping with Jay and the girls love it! They go to the computer and Little J even says “day-day”.

We celebrated here and skyped Uncle Jay…

1-29 014

1-29 018

The party would have been much more fun if you would have been here “Day-Day”! (And if we would have eaten cake…it was too close to bedtime though).

This picture cracks me up. After Uncle Chad got back from Bulgaria we all got together to hear of the work that God had done and is continuing to do and we skyped Jay.  He took a screen shot of us.

Yes, that is the whole family talking to Jay, (plus Jordan). 

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Wells L said...

Technology is awesome!