Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something to Celebrate

I have always joked that God knew I need something to look forward to, so I could make it through winter and that is why my birthday is in early March and now our anniversary in February. We know have a few other big days that we celebrate in January. ;)

A Year Ago Today Part II…

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January 4th.  The last day of our vacation.  We knew that our dossier would be going to Ethiopia soon and Jon and I talked of trying to change our immigration age limits so we could bring home two children.  (Unbeknownst to us until a few days later was that on January 4th, our dossier arrived in country).

When your dossier arrives in ET, it begins the next segment of waiting on a referral.  We expected this to take months for a toddler boy referral.

After much conversation, that night we poured our hearts out to God, telling Him how our hearts felt so heavy to bring home two children and asking Him for two kids.  We also prayed forgiveness for our weak faith in this area, we just knew it was nearly impossible.

To Be Continued…

A year ago today, I had no idea that Jon would be better at working with The Littles’ hair…

1-4 003

Seriously, he has so much patience for it!

1-4 010

The Littles with their beautiful curls.

In Other News:

My little brothers aren’t so little anymore.  They are actually out traveling the world. God has grown these boys into incredible men.  It has been amazing to watch the transformation.

(I will use pictures from the summer to give us all a few reminders of warmer temperatures). :)

Jay is studying abroad in Mexico.  I think he will come back with better Spanish then me!  He met his host family yesterday and said they are a riot.

Lake James 2010 216

And these pictures gave me a great laugh…A picture of Chad and Tadd during the “Patriotic Pull”.  Chad can’t do anything about this picture because he is in Bulgaria for the majority of January working on developing agriculture there for the sake of missions.

Lake James 251

Chad is in the stylin’ aqua and purple life jacket.

Lake James 268

Safe travels guys, we will miss you!


Jay said...

Thanks for the thoughts Amy. And sweet pictures!

Kristen said...

Ames -

Whoa! The Littles hair does look awesome! Tell Jon I said "good job." It is amazing what has happened to you guys in a year!

I agree that it is amazing to watch our little brothers grow up into amazing, godly men (although you might not guess it from the pics here). ;)