Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feelin’ A Little Loca

We’ve had a lot going on.

This Spring, I am in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) studying the book of Isaiah.  I love it and God is teaching me so much! 

Jon and I are also taking Perspectives together. It’s a class on world missions from a Biblical, cultural, historical and strategical perspective. Talk about life-changing!  I took it in college, but it is so wonderful that we can take it together. 

On top of this, we have a trip planned, Jon, The Littles and I. We are soon heading

South of the Border!

I know, I know, it seems crazy, more international travel with babies, but you see, there is a whole side of our family that The Littles haven’t met

For more details on our Mexican family, click here or here.



Girls at Buen Aventura

CVE 3-2010 033

Magdalena 070

We are so excited to be going back to Magdalena for a visit and hope the time change doesn’t result in disaster for The Littles or for mama…

But until then, we have some exciting stuff happening!

Come back Tuesday for a



Heidi said...

So exciting for you! What a trip that will be.. I will be praying for you when you go I know it's hard to travel with little ones but your a supermom and can handle it. I've always wanted to do a BSF group maybe next year.. let me know how ya like it.. I hope your doing good?!

Joy said...

Awesome!! I just joined BSF too! I'm loving Isaiah so much. It's been really neat because I'm also doing Beth Moores Daniel study with my bible study group and the 2 studies have kinda been going together! It's amazing how God works:) Hope all goes well when you travel to MX.

Mouseymom said...

hi! nick and I are attending Perspectives as alumni this year when we can.. not every week, but some!

Carissa J. said...

Amy, we are so excited that you are coming! And I am so excited to get to meet your darling daughters!! It was kind of cute, there is a woman at church that I kind of doubt has ever met you who told me last week that she was so worried that she might miss you because she is going to be gone sometime the beginning of Feb. She got your Christmas picture and is so looking forward to meeting you all and especially the girls! :)
So glad you are making the trip down!

Jill said...

The Perspectives study sounds interesting, I will have to look into that.

mamamargie said...

How fun! Hope it all goes well! :)