Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Like Nobody’s Business

We just spent the past few days with our “G” family, who, by the way, celebrate the fourth like nobody’s business. 

There is lots of preciousness to post but it is going to have to wait. We are running a bit behind.  You see, it was a wonderful weekend, but it included a breakdown on the interstate, a tow, 4 days of our van sitting at a dealership, bumming rides off of family, extra night spent in Michigan, $683 fuel pump and then repeat. Yep, same breakdown on the way home.  Another tow, more bumming rides, another dealership.  Apparently fixing the fuel pump wasn’t the problem? Hopefully not $683 more dollars?

The upside to all the vehicle breakdown?  Wonderful family and new friends who took us in out of the 96 degree heat! (Thanks Richard and Julia)!

Plus four days of firecrackin’ fun. :) One picture to whet your appetite.

Wally World 426 

The Littles with cousin Paige.

More to come. :)


smw said...

that picture is adorable. and i hope you recover from such an eventful trip soon. :) :(

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Amy ~

Your mom filled us in on all your "van" adventures. Glad you found some wheels to get you through this. We thought with that big van you would have plenty of space. :)

Cute July 4th clothes!