Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's been a little quiet on our end lately, we have been a little busy, slathering on the sunblock, swimming and then, reapplying sunblock. :)

Super thankful we have an ac unit!  If we aren't in the water, it's a little roasty. :)


The Gardner's said...

I enjoy watching your beautiful girls grow up! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for shining your light:o)

Anonymous said...

It's so interesting looking at different adoptive families and seeing the resemblance between the children and their parents, and you're no exception.
Strangely (or perhaps not so strange)your daughters look a lot like you two, especially the dad.

Beautiful family. Enjoy the weather!

Dave and Angie: said...

Hi Ame , Glad you're having a great summer!
So is that Jon on the board doing the flip?? Drake will be so envious when I show him!
Blessings!!! ~Angie