Wednesday, July 13, 2011


New situations are hard for The Littles.  Not every time, but most.  New relationships are not often welcomed by them and to get into their VERY small inner-circle, someone has to be around a lot and try, try and try again to befriend them.

Jon and I are both social people and would love The Littles to be the kind of kids who freely give away squeezes and smiles.  It is coming.  We praise God that He has brought strong attachment between our little family.  Now, I pray daily for their security.  We pray they can be secure with safe people, not panicking if a new friend interacts to them.  God is answering prayers.

We went to the zoo with some new friends and I praised God at the growth I saw in The Littles.

And each time they reach up and let someone take their hand, or give someone a high-five, fist bump, or just let someone else into their world…

Zoo & Watermelon 078

Zoo & Watermelon 101 Zoo & Watermelon 111

my heart rejoices.

Will you pray for J&A? Please pray that God would grow a deep security in their hearts.  That they would have no fear that Jon and I would abandon them and that we could have wisdom in parenting.  I am lacking. (James 1:5)


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Sarah said...

Great post, Amy.

I hear ya! Sounds like they are making positive baby steps. Praising God with you!

Amber said...

As a mommy of a little girl who is SO similar to what you described, it's a constant balancing act of how do you build them up and keep them secure . . .and still push them where appropriate with you beside them. It's hard for me when I know it's situations or things I know Ava would love. . .. and it's harder when we can't understand it ourselves. I've had to grow comfortable with a whole different pace - it's still a growing experience but God's taught me alot through it.

With your extra dynamics, I'll be prayerful for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I share the same concern with my own girls. They continue to make great strides in trusting if Mommy says it's OK, then the person must be OK. One thing I've noticed is a pattern in the kind of person they open up to sooner then others. I think our children have a unique ability to sense a calm and secure non- threatening "vibe". Ok so maybe VIBE isn't the best word but it explains what I mean. These people usually let the girls approach them for make the first move. ~Julia

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to compliment the Littles on their darling dresses in the photo. hee hee ~Julia

Kyle and Trish said...

They sure were friendly with us when we came over!