Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wally World

As previously mentioned, Jon’s family knows how to celebrate July 4th! It is a few day extravaganza with much love, laughter and delicious food. I don’t have the pictures to do it justice. 

 Wally World 358

Wally World 371

The G family is definitely in the stage with lots of little kids, cousins everywhere!

Wally World 367

Wally World 362

Aunt Kris partied with us.

Wally World 385

Chasing frogs …

Wally World 396

Wally World 406

Hudson and Paige

Wally World 448

Wally himself starting the bbq. YUM.

Wally World 466

Wally World 486

Wally World 439

I watched my Littles experience it, enjoy time with family and be taken in with the magic of summer  My thoughts and prayers are in Sudan and the Darfur often as the atrocity and genocide increase because of the upcoming secession on July 9th. Then I watch my babies and I want to weep with thankfulness at the opportunities and security I have had, never having a war on my soil.  While I still wouldn’t consider myself overly patriotic, I praise God for what we have been given and the blessings we have received. My hunger grows for a nation who turns from our wicked ways and worship the God who created all things.


Kristi said...

Well said, Amy!

cori916 said...

I agree Amy, well said. I love following your family and the Littles over all this time. As an IAG family, you have been a great inspiration and I love to see these littles grow and experience the love of a family God brought together! Thx Amy for sharing and inspiring:) Luv these girls! Soooo adorable!