Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snow Man?

Okay, inspired by your loads of snow (at least if you are in the Midwest US), we celebrated by defrosting our small freezer and then using the “snow".

Round 1:

Jon and I under the impression our kids were going to love building snowmen.

I woke the girls up from a nap, (first mistake) because this was going to be so fun and I wanted to make sure they had time, I didn’t give them after nap snuggles (second mistake). I also didn’t talk to them much about snow and how it feels cold (third mistake).

Sorry, the pictures aren’t lighted well.

IMG 9160

Oh, they were so excited as Jon started with the snowman building. 

IMG 9161

And then Little J grabbed onto the snowball and literally freaked out because she thought it was “burning her”.

IMG 9163

We convinced her that it wasn’t burning and Little A (much more hesitant to try new things) was nervously elated for her turn.

IMG 9168

And this is how the nervous child handled touching the snow.

IMG 9167

And here is what Jon and I did, nearly fall over with laughter and put the snow back into the freezer for another day.

Round 2: After The Littles assuring us they could handle it and mental preparation that snow is cold, very cold. Not hot.

IMG 9191

The sock mittens didn’t hurt at all either.

IMG 9185

 I daresay, this was a bit more how I had imagined it.

IMG 9197

IMG 9209

And because Jon is Jon, it was soon a snowball fight. Yes, I definitely wished we had planned our party for outside.

IMG 9212

Catching drops of snow our their tongues...

IMG 9230

Eating the snowman...

IMG 9238

It was worth every second of clean up.

And that’s it. Our snow is melted and gone. 

We hope your blizzards our over soon! Wishing we could send you some sunshine!



Kristi said...

oh, preciousness!
Adilynn was a mite confused about why you were building LITTLE snowmen ON plates IN the house! I'm afraid you have given her an idea... :) but with preschool canceled - again - we might just have to try it!
Please tell the girls I find joy in their beautiful smiles!

Sarah said...

Such a fun idea!! It's funny how kids often don't go along with our grand ideas. Glad Round 2 was a success!

Christen Leigh said...

Haha! Oh my. Glad it ended up being fun the second time around! :)

Justin & Sarah said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing. :)

leah said...

haha, this is so cute. glad you did a round 2! :)

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Very creative. Glad you could be flexible with the mess. :) We are out of school AGAIN today. I think this is our 13th day out. We'd take your sunshine, but ours will come if we are patient.

Kristen Hoerr said...

Thanks for sharing this! The pictures were awesome!


Mindy said...

What a fantastic idea!!! Those poor girls - I'm sorry I laughed as I saw their expressions! haha!