Thursday, February 20, 2014

Selassie Orthodox Church

We did a tour (in Amharic, so don’t ask us questions about it) of a large Ethiopian Orthodox church. This church is atypical to the normal circular construction of most Ethiopian Orthodox churches as it is for hosting international events.

IMG 6014

IMG 1502

I really liked the embroidery work on the priests gabis, it had the Selassie church designed into it.

IMG 1526

Ethiopian culture is rich and deep. It’s amazing to live in a  culture with thousands of years of strong tradition. Very high context also but, there is an intense dignity, pride and celebration of roots.

IMG 1490

The graveyard had some interesting monuments...

IMG 1507

IMG 6034

IMG 6100

IMG 6069

Standing in the place where kings have worshipped and are now buried and a good history lesson always makes me full of wonder and feel so small. 


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Daveana said...

My favorite part of the tour was all the stained glass and the ceilings! So beautiful!