Monday, February 3, 2014

A Magical Dream

Yep, internet is still down. I walked to another compound and am using their internet. My theory on a quick fix is destroyed. :)

Thanks for your prayers for us and especially for the girls. 

While on a recent road trip, after about 4 hours, Jon and I decided the girls could watch a movie. We also had saved two ring pops for just the emergency that only hours and hours on bumpy roads can do to a mother’s level of desperation. 

IMG 1324

I set up the computer between the seats and handed the girls ring pops. 

IMG 1326

Little A’s response was, “Whoa, this is like a magical dream”.

And Jon and I enjoyed approximately two hours of quiet from the back seat. Yes, indeed a magical dream. :)


Sarah said...

I hear ya! Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Glad you allowed yourself this magical break :)

smw said...

aww. how cute. :)