Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hey, Did We Show You This Yet?

Yes, that’s right folks. We are the proud owners of a Toyota Hiace or known here as a “minibus”. 

IMG 1463

Some of you may have been aware of our agonizing over vehicles. We searched the world over for an affordable 4WD.  After much deliberation, Jon has put some serious effort into enhancing this 2WD with larger, heartier tires, had a rack installed on top, designed a bull bar (like an extra front bumper) and put a ladder on the back. Getting this baby rural ready. 

We sadly, decided no zebra stripes. Practicality won out over fun but don’t worry. We have an air conditioner, a cd player and amazing turn radius.  

Let the good times roll!


Britni said...

Love it! So glad you found something, can't wait to hear about adventures you have with it. Is it named yet?

Sarah said...

actually, that is really cute. Reminds me of one of those VW vans I've always wanted :)

Kristen Hoerr said...