Monday, April 25, 2011


It is a good thing The Littles have a daddy, one who loves them like crazy and who lets them have experiences that mama never would.  For example, The Littles first pool party.

On Saturday, The Littles played outside with Daddy.  He got a phone call and although Jon has a great many gifts, multi-tasking isn’t one of them.  This series of pictures was captured by Daddy during his phone call.

4-25 081

4-25 071

4-25 072

4-25 074

Little J wasn’t as experimental…

4-25 075


While Jon showed me the pictures, I laughed until I almost cried, but was also slightly horrified that Little A took a bite of an earthworm.  When I asked Jon why he didn’t stop her, he said, “I couldn’t, I had the phone in one hand and the camera in the other!”


Mindy said...

oh my word - that is SO funny!

Justin & Sarah said...

Oh my!! That totally made my day! Hudson got quite the kick out of it as well. :)

Kristi said...

I just learned not to eat while reading your blog. I was taking a bite of cheese when I glanced down at Little A and the Worm. Ug.
:) but also VERY funny! Time to learn to fish, Littles!
(Good work catching it on 'film' Jon!)

Denise Klop said...
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Denise Klop said...

Hilarious! I would be equally grossed out, but since they're not my kiddos, I'm just laughing my head off! Pretty impressive that Jon could talk on the phone AND take pictures at the same time!!

Love the new picture in your blog header. Can these girlies get any cuter??!!!

(Sorry, deleted and reposted to fix spelling error.)

smw said...

ahhhh!!! horrible! worms are my most hated of God's creatures. pretty impressive that jon opted for the camera and not hysterics. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Hilarious. I just love Jon's response!

Christine said...

Ha ha! Reminds of my niece at age two, fishing with her daddy and cousins. Her daddy noticed she had dirt all around her mouth and briefly wondered why. The next time he looked back at her, she was holding a worm, one end in each hand, and running it back and forth between her lips! Blech!!!