Monday, March 23, 2015

A Change in View

Pulling into our house after our time in meetings in south Ethiopia, we gasped that we had a new neighbor. 12 days before, what had been a field was now abuzz with people who were finishing up a house!

IMG 4353

IMG 4358

All it takes is two-three days to get the house framed and outside mud done.

IMG 4360

Can you spy the blue, block house?  That’s how close our houses are.

IMG 4363

Making food for the workers

IMG 4366

Our new neighbor, we haven’t gotten all the details yet, but it appears to be here and a young boy. She hasn’t moved in because the inner walls aren’t mudded yet.

IMG 4369

IMG 4378

It’s the first time we have seen a younger and co-ed crowd of builders. 

IMG 4382

IMG 7999

And here is our new view. Our dry season view, I am loving the perfect weather, but part of me can’t wait for the rains to bring back the green!  We are excited to get to know a new person. Talking to a countryside friend, he mentioned, “Yeah, you can tell she is a city person, look, she put in a back doors. People from here wouldn’t put in two doors.”  


Anonymous said...

Really? Well it appears that God may have planted yet another opportunity to share the gospel in your front yard! Mom

sarah.flyingkites said...

Learning about this culture is so interesting!

We are getting new neighbors on both sides of us too - it's kinda a weird feeling, but like your mom said, opportunities! :)