Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Holiday Window

Somewhere along the way in a training, conversation or a book, I heard of this concept for families that often move should have something to signify that they are “home”. 

When that picture goes up or that candle is lit, etc, etc. The familiar object can bring deep comfort and belonging.

Too bad the piece the piece that has come the closest is an old window frame that weighs at least 35 pounds. 

IMG 7880

We inherited it from our dear Addis neighbors and the Littles and I try to keep it decorated for holidays, American and Ethiopian alike.

This square on our dining room wall keeps us looking for reasons to celebrate (and do crafts).  

It’s too cumbersome to become our “home” item, but until we move again (no plans in the near future, remember, I despise moving, so the last time I am ever moving was into our Blueberry house) we will decorate it and celebrate any moment worth remembering. :)


Anonymous said...

Very fun idea! Mom

T and M said...

the watercolor valentines are so cute! Mandy

Betsy said...

That IS a good idea! I bet your girls have so much fun decorating. :) I am with you on not being a moving fan. We've been in our house for four years now -- the longest I've lived anywhere since home!