Friday, March 20, 2015


Topics are swirling through my head but none that I know how to write about well. Here’s a post as scattered as my thoughts. :) For your daily dose of random...

IMG 5549

I don’t think I’ve told you, we installed two pools in our backyard. The Littles are delighted about this addition. I am thinking about making them underground, you know, because black totes add to our rustic charm. ;)

IMG 7982

Passion fruits are coming on and I can’t wait until they grow up over our fence as a cover, the pre-fruit flowers are exquisite.

IMG 5545

In our nearest big city market, I was buying fruit and had to snap a shot of the man, with no gear, high up on a pole (mid picture) fixing the electric lines with bare hands. 

IMG 5517

The Littles want a baby in the family. The father of little Hadassah, made their day by letting them walk this little sweetie all over HQ.

IMG 5494

The Littles helped grind our coffee after they roasted it at a friend’s house in a nearby town.

IMG 5482

We spent the night in our teammates one room house and the girls got their hair done. It is obviously not a favorite activity.

IMG 5501

The moments like these are sweet and refeshing. An unexpected opportunity to share together.

IMG 5477

Enjoying the watercolors and coloring pages you sent!

IMG 5404

Two neighbor girls, hauling water for the families.

IMG 5369

Our internet is intermittently much improved. The Littles skyped with their nana until we ran out of birr on our internet stick. We have to stack books on top of the printer to get a signal. We don’t care and have even been known to hold our computers, walking around the house, trying to get a signal. 

IMG 3800

Look at this sweet, little sassafras, leading a huge team through the grain.

IMG 3806

Her dad worked alongside, throwing up the wheat.

IMG 3820

Seriously, how sweet is she? 

IMG 5590

Meet the resident goat, his name translates, “Good Person”. I’ve sincerely tried talking the girls out of befriending it as it’s heading for butcher, it’s just grazing here until Ethiopian Easter. But they lead it around like a dog and take it food. This can only end badly. They are already nearly vegetarian.

Have a great weekend!



Mindy said...

I LOVE pictures of your every day life. :)

sandra said...

Loved this random post!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE all the pictures and heaing about your everyday happenings!

teresa said...

<3 this post. Thanks for sharing about your lives. Thanking God for each and every provision. Praising Him for his faithfulness!