Monday, March 2, 2015

Papyrus Boats

SAM 1008

They glide among the heron and know where all the hippos are.

SAM 1010

The fishermen on Lake Tana start early, some fishing alone, others in groups with large nets.

SAM 1012

The boats are made of papyrus reeds and it is slowly dying out, being replaced with larger vessels, less individuals eking out a living from this lake.

SAM 1013

The boats only last a few months, so others are always under construction. 

SAM 1044

With room with only one man to sit, their balance is incredible.

SAM 1048

 This country is on the edge of so much development in change. There are many positive steps forward ready to happen but, at times, at the collateral of culture and ancient practice.

SAM 1051

It’s hard, as an outsider to know what’s loss and what’s gain.

For now, I’ll deeply drink the present beauty.

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