Friday, November 27, 2015

1,142 Donkeys

We had our Ethiopian-style Thanksgiving today. So great, pictures to come. Thanks to those who prayed for us and others living away from family and home culture.

On the drive from Addis Ababa to Injibara, a friend challenged the girls to count the donkeys en route. The girls fizzled out around 300 and rejoined the game from about 720-850. 

IMG 7322

I, on the other hand, was quite consumed counting donkeys. We saw a few herds, but most came in twos or threes and I counted 1,142 donkeys. I even missed some in far off pastures or when my family had the nerve to ask me something. “Mama, I am hungry, can I have lunch?” “Wait a second! I’m busy!” Ya know, I didn’t want to miss one. At night, when I closed my eyes before bed. I saw donkeys under heavy loads. 

IMG 7299

The drive is astounding in beauty.

IMG 7306

The seas of red are hot peppers drying in the sun, and it will be hand mixed with other spices to create berbere, a staple spice here. Though the views are phenomenal, I am not sad today we are not driving.  We get to stay put a whole three weeks. ;)


sandra said...

If be counting donkeys in my sleep after that event!!! Pretty countryside pictures Amy!!

smw said...

So beautiful!!

Kristi said...

THAT is a LOT of donkeys! I applaud your commitment! ;)