Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pure Michigan

Here are a few posts I had backlogged that already had pictures loaded:

Does anyone use Mars Edit as a blogger platform that could help me with some diagnostic questions?

Our Flashback to a few summer memories.

IMG 3825

Borrowing bikes for the summer was one of the best choices we made this home assignment. The girls LOVED them and near the end of summer, bravely decided we could remove the training wheels.

IMG 3838

And they did it! We about couldn’t get them off the bikes after this. 

IMG 3869

Four-wheeler rides

IMG 3881

and cousin’s birthday parties

IMG 3905


IMG 3915

paddle boat rides

IMG 3929

Trips to the big lake

IMG 7251

Packing in last memories together

IMG 4085

IMG 4145

And tea parties at child table sets in public spaces because grandparents who won’t see their grandkids for awhile to to great lengths.


Our time in the US was sweet. 



sandra said...

These are sweet pictures....wonderful memories. Good job girls for conquering the bikes!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Although we miss you all greatly, the sweet savor of these memories lingers...