Friday, November 20, 2015

North Team

After a week of meetings, (Jon has had two weeks), we’re kind of done and may run away screaming if someone rings the bell for another one. 

There are currently three families with kids on the team and the girls had days of running around, having a blast. 

IMG 7195

IMG 7200

After a swim, I found these four playing tick-tack-toe on dry legs. 

IMG 7196

We were staying on a crater lake, beautiful but deep and murky so when Mama was calling the shots, the girls had to wear life jackets.

IMG 7239

The girls’ birthdays were celebrated as well as one other little girl who has a birthday soon.

IMG 7262

One night we went driving, looking for hyenas. We drove into a pack of 50+. Hyenas are creepy animals and I wasn’t sad to leave them behind. Especially when one did a cackle, laugh. Yuck.

IMG 8359

One teammate planned a crazy run around game that had us frantically completing childhood games as one big team. This is a picture of “steam roller” that we had to do for 30 meters, which is actually TOO FAR in scratchy grass.

IMG 8400

Painting faces and singing “Old Macdonald”

IMG 8272

Our team leaders, not the game creators though

IMG 8518

Building pyramids of at least 10

IMG 7178

Treeing monkeys

IMG 7185

One of our tasks was also to do one hundred jumps into the lake. 

Such a time of sharing, refreshment and prayer. We are so thankful for people whom God allows us to fellowship.


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