Monday, November 30, 2015

Reasons To Be Thankful

Our Thanksgiving, as aforementioned was joyful but anti-climatic. 

IMG 4584

After Jon got home from work, we had a bonfire and learned about the Thanksgiving story.

IMG 4591

We all were in particularly jovial moods. So, even when our dog ate our cookies (that were out to be the base of our s'mores). Besides Daddy. “He was so mad his head almost popped off!” Which was a funny overstatement. When our wads of mini marshmallows that had melted in a chunk slipped off into the fire and we didn’t get to eat them, The Not-So-Littles just laughed

IMG 4608

And the rain started. Not-So-Little-J raised her hands in the air and sincerely yelled, “Best Thanksgiving Ever!” A complete miracle.

On Friday, we had our Thanksgiving party. The power was out and came back on…

IMG 4636

When it did, this little one was so delighted by the light bulbs. He would yell with delight when we switched the lights.

IMG 4635

And all of these faces are a few for which we are very thankful.

IMG 4660

Thank the Lord for my dear friend, Yeshi. She is expecting and we are thrilled!

IMG 4676

Discovering this little toy, a stuffed horse that moves on it’s own! 

IMG 4669

I know, go ahead and scream he’s so cute.

IMG 4617

IMG 4703

Climbing the olive tree, one of the girls’ favorite pastimes.

IMG 4683

IMG 4691

A game of frisbee


IMG 4687

And volleyball, disturbed only be the biting ants. 

IMG 4715

The crew watching volleyball, trying to escape the biting ants.

We have so many reasons to be thankful. God is so good in giving us community.


Anonymous said...

Praise be to God!! Thankful you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Love that God is here, there, and everywhere at the same time! So very tickled it was the 'very best Thanksgiving ever'. The girls are learning so much about life going through so much neat you can share with us!! We love you guys!!!

Heidi C.

PS. Been praying for our friend that was in Ethopia helping a missionary and had bad car accident... still in the hospital with broken pelvic and head injuries. Pray for Suzanne!!:) I think of you guys so much when I pray for Suzanne... and add you guys to my prayer as well!!:)

Daveana said...

Love the little boy's delight in the picture of the lights coming back on!!!

Anonymous said...

So thankful you had such a memorable Thanksgiving!

Jenny Gutwein said...

Beautiful photos!!!