Saturday, January 23, 2016

Can We Ever See Too Many Decorated Horses?

Written a few days ago, Yes, my parents had wonderful flights here, we are having fun in Addis Ababa at Field Days until Monday…


It’s been a whirlwind of cultural learning around our house the past two weeks.  

After Christmas, we were invited into many huts to celebrate, eat meat and drink coffee.  The following week, there was another holiday, this time not a meat holiday, but with much festivity, piles of injera and cup upon cup of steaming coffee. 

At the Ethiopian Orthodox church, we went to witness a local holiday when the priests bring out a replica of the Ark of the Covenant

IMG 5594

It was the first time the girls and I were invited into the church compound, completely fascinating. I was encouraged to take pictures by those with me.

IMG 5603

Many of the priests wait

IMG 5622

As the processional left the church with much flair, we went to watch Awi horses race across the pasture.

IMG 5639

It was the first time I noticed the horses’ saddles were all embroidered with  lion.  The tradition and symbolism in our culture is rich and in so many ways, points to beautiful truths of the Word.

IMG 5646

One of the riders, decked out in lion mane

IMG 5649

We went home, exhausted. overstimulated and too full, but incredibly thankful for the ways our community is letting us be a part of their lives. 


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