Friday, January 29, 2016

On Your Mark, Get Set...

After a day of naps, conversations and opening seemingly non-ending totes filled with presents, it was time to introduce Papa and Nana to Field Days!  This went about 150% better than last year. 

IMG 7806

We hadn’t thought through how wonderful it would be to introduce our parents to so many in our Addis community. It was such a blessing!

IMG 7797

The girls chose to do every race they could, here is the beanbag race. Field Days are two solid days of festivity and community.

IMG 5816

Getting ready for the 3-legged race.  We could have probably practiced this one a bit more, hilarious.

IMG 5822

Coming into Daddy’s arms at the finish line. 

IMG 5726

Cheering on friends (and moms who ran alongside).

IMG 5833

Jon and girls took a 2nd in their heat for Daddy Daughter race.

IMG 5841

And because, my dad was there, we also joined the daddy daughter race in a fun twist. It was 50 meters, how hard could it be?

IMG 5846

My dad was an amazing sport and at 25 meters I was questioning my abilities. 

IMG 5850

Friends ran by us, daughter is 13 and they started late.

IMG 5851

They smoked us. 

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A field day we will all remember. :)


Kristi said...

oh, Ames! How fun! (And I love your dad's face in that last race picture!)
missing you!

leah said...

i absolutely love the picture of you & your dad! :) and so thankful your 'rents could be there for this, so special!

sandra said...

Awesome!! Loved this. Glad girls were eager to do all races rather then trying to pull their legs to do just one or two. Love the daddy daughter race.

Teresa said...

Such a riot!

sarah.flyingkites said...

love the post and the pics!