Thursday, January 7, 2016

Going On A Hippo Hunt

We’re not afraid.

Well, just a little.

Okay, a lot.

Did you know that after the mosquito (malaria carrier), hippos are the most lethal animal on the continent of Africa?

This post is a jump back to our time in Langano

IMG 9215

Hippo tracks the size of dinner plates fresh on the beach. Which increased my desire to see one of these lumbering creatures out of the water. 

IMG 9459

Fresh tracks and reports that they came out on our beach every night made it so tempting to stay out all night.

IMG 5353

Waiting and watching

IMG 5356

The girls were more interested in climbing off the dock

IMG 5357

They went in but I waited,until the cold, darkness and thoughts of impending death by hippo drove me into the warmth of our home. 

 Langano is like living in a zoo, amazing wildlife all around. Except for the cages.  There is nothing separating humans from the animals. 

A few of the animals that we did get to see (the ones slow enough for cameras):

IMG 4965

The crazy colobus

IMG 4970

Hornbills are one of my favorite birds. There wings make such a loud whizzing noise.

IMG 4841

Weaver birds’ nests

IMG 5128

Trees full of them

IMG 5168

A herd of camels watering by the lake

IMG 7537

Camels wandering along the road

IMG 9239

I don’t know what this is called, amazing.

IMG 9642


IMG 5132

runaway horses

IMG 4958

Nature hikes whispering to not scare the warthogs and dik-diks.

IMG 9486

IMG 5337

A variation in me carrying a girl. 

We moved on from Langano to a conference were there were cute but obnoxious monkeys. I thought the cute outweighed their orneriness UNTIL…

IMG 7632

J and A snuck up on one (which I must say took some skill!). The monkey attacked J and broke her skin in 17 places on her arm.  Now we are doing a two set shot of rabies boosters. 

 We traveled to Injibara Tuesday, so Jon gave her second rabies booster on Wednesday. Now that’s a little too close and personal. 



MJgerst said...

Amazing pictures! Love all the wildlife. Love ya!

sandra said...

Wow!! Amazing wildlife for sure but I prefer them to not attach your beautiful girls. Love those eyes in picture #4 and #5!!

Teresa said...

Your lives are full of adventure!