Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anti-climatic Dungeons

After it was discovered the castles didn’t have furniture, chandeliers and beautifully dressed princesses coming down grand stair ways, the girls fixated on how cool the dungeons were going to be.

Unfortunately for all of the world and us in the moment, the dungeon was a structure that had been bombed out, so it was open a few stone walls, with grass growing. It also wasn’t the true dungeon in that it was just a holding cell before judgement.

IMG 2147

There were no chains. No dank caverns down spooky stairways.  The “real” dungeon was on another location.  We had been touring just about long enough that the girls were feeling hungry and tired and this realization brought a disappointment that we couldn’t go on. We tried to find other things to distract ourselves.

IMG 2205

We found the lion cages then.  Until 1991, ceremonial lions were kept here. It alleviated our disappointments for a bit.

IMG 2254

We toured a building used as the banquet hall.

IMG 2215

Then, our brilliant tour guide took us around to another structure, the lion cages from another side. He called it the dungeon and let the kids in.

IMG 2220

Here are the kids and their dungeon faces, chained to the walls, so stinkin’ happy we finally found something dungeony.

IMG 2228

To wrap up Gondar, we would highly recommend it if you want to see amazing castles. If you happen to be obsessed with dungeons, maybe try a castle in Europe. 



Kristi said...

I loved this! Thanks for sharing all of these pictures! Tell the girls they are the cutest lions I've ever seen.
love you!

smw said...

Ha! This was all kind of funny. Actually, at this point in my life, the Gondar castles and dungeons sound like the perfect amount of excitement. ;)