Friday, December 8, 2017

Because I Needed More Things To Keep Alive

As you can’t hear my spoken tone, let me just say the title is sarcastic. :) We’ve added three animals to the crew AND…

The girls are 8. 8. E.I.G.H.T.

How did this happen!?

We see in them a need for consistent friendships. They work on relationships here and have some sweet little “pasture friends”.

IMG 2759

We are all thankful for these relationships but also recognize that it doesn’t fill them up like a friend from a more similar background would. This has so many dynamics but I’ll leave it here for today.

Enter Jon’s idea of getting animals. These sheep actually are very low work for us and managed mainly by our guards. The guards love having sheep and say this makes us “rich”. It also provides the kids with creatures to love and care for. 

IMG 2685

Bitti and Benji and two shepherd girls. For the first week, afternoons involved a bit of this. Now I push them to get out and watch the sheep. They’ve decided it’s…boring because “the sheep don’t do anything!” We have had some good lessons on shepherding and empathizing with the neighbor kids who spend a whole day tending the flock in the pasture. 

IMG 2672

Speaking of friends, these four are buds. 

IMG 2871

This was a special day…dressed in their “gardening outfits” they planted flowers.

IMG 2677

The same week we added sheep, we also added…

A Puppy! I was overwhelmed as Wendu dropped off the shivering bundle of fur. I have enough children to focus on right now. We made the puppy promise to the girls the day our dear dog died. What parents will do to alleviate grief! ;)

IMG 2642

Tiger loves the sheep. Just not this close. 

IMG 2632

He cracks me up.

IMG 2622

He must feel this is a safe distance.

IMG 2661

Miss T on the other hand is a bit more like…”Why are you putting me beside this fluffy thing and how are you going to fix it?”

IMG 2743

These babies are reminding me of twins now!

IMG 2869

Here’s Miss T, so happy she climbed up the wall and Tiger claps for her. He legitimately celebrates her accomplishments.

IMG 2770

 He can’t quite handle the temptation of laying on her while she crawls by…it is like an open invitation to hug her.

IMG 2802

Miss T has been busy, in one day, saying three words in context! “Hewwoo” (hello) while putting something to her ears, in the above photo, calculators, “Up” and “Mama”.

IMG 2816

And there are those two teeth she had to fight for..

IMG 2832

And then sweet Tiger, watches a process one or two times before trying it himself! My current favorite phrase of Tiger’s is used when his hands emerge from his shirt sleeves and he greets his fingers with a “Hey guys!”

Thanks for your prayers, Asmarich is still sick but can walk on her own now!


Sharlin Wieland said...

They are all SUCH darlings. ❤️

Jen Kelly said...

Just love all the photos of the children! (especially the "gardeners") A picture tells a thousand words they say! Thank you for sharing your life and adventures with us... But flower planting and sheep doesn't sound like a good mix (I know from experience :-)

Margo said...

So sweet! Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures. They are so fun to see!

MattandKristi Florek said...

LOVE seeing every single new post you put on here. I'm trying to get better at showing posts and pictures to Charlotte and Mercy so they can see them too!
Love ALL of you!!!

Shari Fiechter said...

Such a great post! LOVE all these pictures and descriptions of what the kiddos are doing currently. We love you!

Teresa said...

Great post. That last pic of Miss T is adorable.