Thursday, December 28, 2017

Travel and Pictures

We travel today to Addis Ababa, which will give us the weekend before a week long conference. We have enjoyed a few days break in Bahir Dar and enjoyed each other (and wifi) while we were here.

Here are a few pictures I’ve never shared.  

IMG 6357

The babies sharing a bowl of gooseberries. Tiger has really gotten into pulling Miss T’s hair or pinching her chubby cheeks so we can’t let them alone for a second. She holds her own with toys though. 

IMG 6404

Here are the girls on the morning we got our sweet little puppy. Tomoca is a great addition to the family and so much healthier after her medicines! She does nip, I think we have five teethers right now. The girls classify themselves as teething as they are losing teeth and gaining new ones. :)

IMG 6429

The babies love the puppy. When she whines outside of the door, they imitate her sounds and ask for the “puppy” or “Mona!”

And this…so much glorious imperfection (My favorite being Miss T’s overall buttons being completely undone)

IMG 6534

so much glorious imperfection (My favorite being Miss T’s overall buttons being completely undone) 

And because I have so much to catch up on in the past, I’m going to try and include a throwback picture or two in each post. 

IMG 5764 2

Field Days in the city, once again, such a blast to cheer on our team and our girls, who practiced this year and enjoyed it more than ever before. They did the best in their three-legged race event. Probably the practice and the twin advantage. :)

IMG 6042

Here’s our future track and field star. :) An asset to any team, little Tiger is coordinated. 


Shari Fiechter said...

I am LOVING all your catching up pictures! Go ahead...keep posting while you have wifi!

Anonymous said...

Adore! Love!! Always brings me much joy seeing your special family!! Are your babies weighing close to the same? Just wondering.... they make my heart smile!! Miss playing with the girls...but thankful for the memories!!:) Too funny about T unbuttoned pants...hahahah!! Welcome to the life of 4 kids... right? Hope you have a wonderful new year!! Our love and prayers to each of you....

Heidi C.